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My Life Has Never Been The Same 
After I Spent 
5 Seconds 
A Day Doing THIS!
Amber Smith - Full time granny and part time volunteer, who loves her coffee, wine and chocolate!
Updated: Oct 2022 - Read time - under 5 minutes
My Life Was Falling Apart...I Lost All Hope

As I aged I became a little bigger and puffy, if you know what I mean. I became more shy and reserved. I used to be the “belle of the ball”...but now I was desperate to fit back into my clothes.

Even after wasting thousands of dollars with a fitness trainer, my body only got bigger and bigger. I could feel my insides threatening to crumble every second. 

How could this happen? Even my husband became distant and reluctant to be seen with me. I felt so isolated and unwanted.


I had gone from everyone’s favorite Granny to an upset ghost of a woman who lacked confidence.

Keeping my sparkling personality up was hard because the PAIN of annoying comments by everyone had me ready to snap at a moment's notice. 

Even before 2021, I stopped going out in public...

I told people I was “nervous about air pollution”...


...but the reality is, I was embarrassed and ashamed with how I looked. 

The worst part is when I heard my grandson whisper to my daughter… 

“Mommy, how come Grandma is so BIG?”


I didn’t have to ask or keep listening to know what he meant. I was never this way and everyone knew I had a problem. 


Hearing this from my grandson broke my heart and I immediately teared up.

Not only was my family affected but so was my health...

A few months back I made an appointment with my doctor to see what was going on.

Little did I know this appointment would drastically CHANGE MY LIFE...

He ordered a complete blood work panel to be done ASAP because he was extremely concerned about my health.

Without hesitation, I got my blood work done and my results were given next day.

My doctor called me up and my heart dropped when he told me the scary news about my condition. 


He requested that I come in as soon as possible to go over the results in full and to discuss options.

By this time, I was a complete wreck and felt myself spiraling into a deeper depression.

Two days later my husband and I go to see the doctor and the first thing I asked him was "how did this happen?"

I was a mess and could barely hear what he had to say. Thankfully my husband was there to receive all of the bad news and hear my options.


I do remember him saying the "S" word and I thought I was going to pass out.

All three of us stood there in a cold daze trying to make sense of all this. 

I almost felt like I had no options except to have the surgery...or so I thought.


Lucky for me, I had a chance encounter that changed my life.


Turns out, my current lifestyle was NOT the issue...

The primary cause of my increase in size was...

A change in my hormonal levels due to my age!


These SAME hormones that have been affected are linked to depression and poor sleep quality! 


And low levels put me at risk for other controversial ailments like:

  • Diabetes

  • Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

  • Congestive Heart Failure

  • Metabolic Syndrome

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Kidney Disease

  • The same disorder that already stole my body & social graces was now coming for my LIFE!

    I was so distraught, I scheduled a lunch date with the one person who would understand, my best friend Rose. 


    Rose had also struggled with her full-figure… 


    ...But when she met me at the restaurant, she flashed the most perfect fitted outfit I had EVER seen! 


    And even though we talked on the phone all the time, I realized I haven’t actually seen her in quite some time. 


    It was like fate brought us together on that day. Because it turned out that Rose had EXACTLY what I needed.


    When I told her about my doctors appointment and asked about her beautiful statue…


    ...she told me about this video that showed a “5 Second Ritual” that she had been using every day.


    With my body on the line, I took the plunge and tried it myself.


    As soon as I tried this "5 Second Ritual” the effect was profound:


  • My energy levels increased

  • My sleep quality improved

  • I have a higher self-esteem

  • My mobility improved

  • ​My blood pressure was lower

  • My blood sugar levels improved

  • Plus now I wasn’t afraid of food or drinks! (Apples? Chocolates? Ribs? Coffee? Wine? I could have it all!)

    I could eat what I wanted when I wanted. And I finally give my grandson all the overdue kisses and hugs

    he deserved.

    I am so thankful that Rose told me about this video. It was a miracle and saved my life.

    I will never take my health for granted ever again. All my friends and family know exactly how much I love them and say I inspire them to be happier too!

    Tap below to see the video that saved my health - You got nothing to lose and it's free to watch!
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